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A large number of people are following the EuroBasket and the 2015 Rugby World cup in France, through numerous media. When these international competitions occur, the number
of sports-related searches greatly increases.

L’Équipe gives a unique and great coverage of sports to its readers, but can not always answer the people’s actual questions. We asked ourselves how we could use such questions to bring a new fun
and intelligent dimension to L’Equipe.


Using Google Trends and the editorial content of L’Équipe, #Toprecherches brings exclusive content related to peoples’ searches. We’ve created fully animated digital trade cards, with funny animated illustrations, engaging facts and additional contents so any user can dig into the subject of his choice.


The biggest challenge of this project was to find a light format while including meaningful information which were attractive features to L’Équipe articles,
so journalists would frequently use the cards in order to give their readers unexpected content.

The trading cards of the future

We’ve made a platform gathering together all the cards and made it available to anyone who would be interested to share an information. The platform is frequently updated according to new users’ searches, related to the competitions, on Google.

Uniting old and modern design

The design of the cards and the platform is rooted both in the first panini cards of the 70’s and in the current material design trends so that users can rediscover the feeling of trading cards adapted digitally with the modern touch of Google.

Mobile first

The platform is designed mobile-first, making the website fully responsive and compatible with all recent devices.

We used WebGL to create smart and beautiful animations using the gyroscope function in 3D, allowing users to truly get the feeling of tradings cards.

Embed the card anywhere

Each card is easily sharable on every social networks and can be embed on any website using a simple HTML code.

Exceptional reach

The social aspect of the campaign made it reach millions of people, and a huge number of views across L’Équipe website and the #Toprecherches platform.


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