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through the eyes of 46 580 fans




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46580 Supporters

While Paris Saint-Germain counts 20 millions fans throughout the world, only 46,580 supporters can attend games at Parc des Princes stadium. How could the remaining fans experience the actual thrill of a live football match? Paristories offers a unique way to enjoy the game, as viewers can fully immerse themselves into it.

Interactive experience

Paristories is an interactive platform, based on user generated content from Google Photos, shared by supporters attending the game. Paristories users have the opportunity to enjoy the bests moments the game from anywhere in the stadium, taking an impression not only of the technical game but also of the actual atmosphere among supporters.

Immersive and easy to use

Our aim was to offer both a deeply engaging but yet easy to use experience, with extensive rich media. Thanks to our curated timeline ordering the contents, users can choose between a linear viewing and jumping right into the action of their choice. Paristories is meant to fulfill any desire of the users
watching their game.

Enhanced content

Our users’ experience would not be complete without an opportunity to watch in details the important actions of the game. This was made possible by an explorable 360° view, based on enhanced contents and Google Photospheres. WebGL allowed us to convey the emotions of the stadium straight into your browser.

Every points of view

The platform delivers the actions from every point of view of the stadium.
You are given the opportunity to take a look at the stadium crews backstage during the pregame, have a glance at the VIP sections during half time dive into the action right on the pitch for Zlatan’s goal and feel the spectators exulting after PSG won. You could as well choose something completely different, the platform is designed to make you in full control of the game you choose to watch.

Available on every devices

The biggest challenge was to create the experience as satisfying on mobile as it was on desktop. That is why we chose to display only relevant contents on a horizontal timeline.

We did not just bypass mobile limitations, we also produced a light and intuitive version, Paristories thus reaching the largest
possible audience.


The photospheres are fully compatible with the mobile environment and the gyroscope function in 3D allowing users to explore the entire 360° content.


The mobile version was adapted for Google Cardboard, and allowed users to fully immerse into the 360° views, making Paristories a truly unique and immersive experience.


The experience was well received by public as 10 times the capacity of the Parc des Princes joined the experience for an average time of 1:30 minutes spent on the platform.

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Awards & Recognitions

The FWA, Site of the day
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